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For info on contributing to the Wiki, please see here:


Current Task

Suggest and discuss the best hierarchy of sections as well as features which should be included into the Wiki.

Please use the talk page to work on ideas.

Task List

  • [ ] Wiki areas hierarchy - How will pages be organized? What type of sections will be in the Wiki, and how are they connected? Categorize!
  • [ ] Wiki features - What individual features will populate each area and the Wiki as a whole?
  • [ ] Design landing pages - Main pages to send users off to content sections. Should be well defined.
  • [ ] Design templates - Templates are a fature of WikiMedia that give default looks and layouts for similar pages, like blogs, userpages, etc. Needed templates must be found and the layouts designed.
  • [ ] Design skin - What should the user interface look like? What colors and images should be used? How should persisting elements be presented?
  • [ ] Create landing pages - Create images, implement page layout in Wiki editor, code any heavy operations, insert content
  • [ ] Create templates - Implement using editor and code
  • [ ] Create skin - Implement using code
  • [ ] Create content to populate areas - As new sections will most likely be added, new pages and further refinement will need to occur.

Section Hierarchy


[In progress, see talk page]


[In progress, see talk page]


[In progress, see talk page]

Landing Page Designs

[Future Task]

Template Designs

[Future Task]

Skin Designs

[Future Task]

Landing pages

[Future Task]


[Future Task]

Content Progress

[Future Task]

Completion options: Not Started, Assigned, In Progress, Completed Beta, Released

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