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<li>[[Educational resources]]</li>
<li>[[Educational resources]]</li>
<li>[[Script Documentation]]</li>
<li>[[Script Documentation]]</li>
<li>[[Website Deployment History]]</li>
<li>[[EternaJS Release Notes]]</li>
<li>[[Eterna 3D RNA Motif Assembler]]</li>
<li>[[Eterna 3D RNA Motif Assembler]]</li>

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Welcome to the Eterna Wiki

Eterna is a game where players become citizen scientists,
working together to better understand and predict the behavior of RNA.


Play the Eterna Game now, or learn more below:

Note: Since our spam filter is currently broken, if you want to edit the wiki please contact LFP6 to get a wiki account or reactivate your old account


EteRNA has a great community and encourages your participation

  • Code of Conduct - Our community guidelines
  • Join Groups - Find groups where common interests & goals are shared
  • Eternacon - IRL gathering of players, scientists, and developers at Stanford University



  • Dev Chat - Das Lab schedules developer chats during feature rollouts and other interesting updates. Check out the Developer Blog in your newsfeed for announcements!
  • Stanford Lab - See Das Lab scientists present cool projects via video chat, and have a Q&A at the end. Scheduled via the Developer Blog.
  • Eterna University - Review lessons from past classes, and teach or attend new ones. Everybody has a skill or talent - share yours by teaching a class!



  • Forums - Find answers to your questions, post bug descriptions, and discuss ideas.
  • Guides - Guides for almost every part of EteRNA such as lab design and puzzle-solving.  If you know of a helpful guide not listed here, feel free to add it to this list
  • Issues - Helpful links for tracking & resolving issues
  • Wiki Edits - Helpful intro on how to edit this wiki


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