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LinkBot will summon guides for you to share in chat with others players who need them, by just mentioning a short cut term for the guide. For example, to get Zanna's fine video tutorial, just write .zanna. (Note the dot in front.  A ! instead of a . in front will send the link to you in chat privately) 


.$ - An answer to the question, "What are the points for?" A player's total points earned from solving puzzles and/or participating in the lab serve to rank the player among all players and grant access to puzzlemaker 20,000 points.
.() - A link to "Dot-Bracket Notation"
.2-2 loops - A link to a 2-2 loop-boosting video


.3d models - A link to a "Bare Bones Guide to Creating 3D-RNA Structure Models Using UCSF's Chimera"
.benjamaster - A link to Benjamaster1's guide
.blocking - A link to a blocking video /watch?v=BuYgZPJ_AZA
.boost - A link to "Loop boosting guide"
.Boosttut1 - An "Endloop boost tutorial" link
.Boosttut2 A link to a thorough Boost loop tutorial
.brourd - A link to "Beginner's Guide to Puzzle Solving"


- A link to the catalyst points forum thread


- A link to the chat stats page or more detailed stats at
.chlamy - A link to the tutorial puzzle for the challenge puzzle "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
- A link to the walkthrough of the tutorial for "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
For a walkthrough explanation how to solve, click here:
To go straight to the tutorial puzzle, click here:
.comprehensive - A link to "A Comprehensive Guide to EteRNA"
.conduct - A link to our Code of Conduct
.def - A link to the EteRNA dictionary
.eli - A link to eli's puzzle solving guide
.eternawiki - A link to the EteRNA Wiki
.github - A link to the EteRNA GitHub

- A link to the player-created guides

- A link to the Top 10 Best Places to Start

.hotkey   (or)


- A link to short cuts

.hyphema - A link to the How to Boost Me puzzles by Hyphema
.jokes - A link to the Jokes and Quotes doc by Eli Fisker
.lab - A link to the lab guides
.linkbot - A link to this page, for LinkBot commands
.links - A link to "Challenge Puzzles Quick Solve guide"
.mgatut -A link  to a MGA lab tutorial
.nova - A link to the Nova tutorials website
.pm - Warning that the PM system is compromised & not private The eterna Private Message (PM) system has been compromised and does not ensure your privacy.
.results - A link to the past lab results
.saccha - A link to the tutorial puzzle for the challenge puzzle "Saccharomyces Cerevisiae"
.science - A link to Eli's "Educational Resources"
.script - A link to "EteRNA Script Intro"
.shape - An intro to SHAPE data and reading the lab results




-A boosting guide for efold and vienna by JPS838898
.switch puzzle - A link to "Switch puzzle guide"
.switch lab - A link to "Switch lab guide"
.tips - A link to "Tips and tricks"
.tools - A link to "Quick Start Guide to Using Scripted Tools in Eterna"
.training - A link to "Teaching and tutorial puzzles"
.walkthroughs - A link to the puzzle walkthroughs
.wiki - A link to the wiki
.zanna - A link to Zanna's puzzle-solving tutorial video for beginners

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