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  • Teacher's classroom guide for NOVA Labs tutorials & NOVA RNA Wiki. 

RNA Lab Guide for Educators

NOVA VirtuaLab RNA Wiki


  • EteRNA activity guidelines written for undergraduate biology majors at Texas Wesleyan University.

I have moved the documents to a public dropbox folder, since our faculty pages will soon be password protected.

The Eterna Project

The Transfer RNA Puzzle


          On-line resources from beginner-level videos to the expert literature, compiled by the top players of Eterna as they learned about the RNA world!




   Video collection with materials on RNA, the cell and related fascinating topics, made for Eterna players.



           Slides, worksheets, and tutorials  for stastical mechanics, allostery, and RNA design examples for Stanford's graduate

           level molecular biophysics course (Biochemistry/Structural Biology 241). We actually synthesized the students' RNA designs.



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