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Another crazy teenager doing way too well. :P Go figure for a guy with a 98+ average. :P Anyhow, send me a PM if you need anything. If anyone asks, I'm obsessed with Legos.
My groups:
  • Too many, just look at my profile

To Do

  • Switch solving techniques for dummies
  • Puzzle guide for newbies (those who can't understand all the jargon)
  • Why do Fun With Brourd puzzles work?
  • Sequential order of guides (for guides to the guides)



  • Solving the unsolvable puzzles: Why don't they fold?
  • The boost project: Finding combinations of bases in loops which lower free energy that aren't just Gs in the corners
  • Promo/trailer/advertisement (Working on it)
  • EteRNA University course on Blender
  • Wiki Revamp




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