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About Me:

My name is John and my player name on EteRNA is Guzz.

I started playing with EteRNA after seeing it on Nova (Nova Science Now), but my interest in RNA goes back to highschool biology and later virology. I am amazed that a chunk of DNA/RNA can float around in a container that is perfectly suited to penetrating a cell with information that allows it to hijack the cell to produce exact copies of itself packaged the same. It is like the perfect perpetual motion machine.

Although, I am technically a Software Engineer, I have come to think of myself as a Computer Scientist because I really enjoy the Science of Computation and using coded instructions to cause eletromagnetic reactions: hence my life-long interest in Genetics.

Sadly, I have seen friends and family suffer from genetically based illnesses. As such, a lifetime interest has become a quest. I fell that fields such as RNAi have great promise in finding disruptive science to resolve mutations in genes, and I hope in some small way to help find solutions.

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