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This time, I will be (ab)using this lab for testing a few heptaloops taken once again from the SCOR database.







One of those classified as "seven stacked bases". Nothing much to report... The potential CA pair shouldn't come out too strongly in the SHAPE data, as it's quite weak.



Same thing, SCOR says all bases are stacked... Ok, possibly, but yeah, that looks a little unordered wouldn't you say? Which should be good news for me, as it should score better (if everything else works). Something with a possible CC...?



This one was one of those with only six bases stacked, and sure enough, only six are. But what the bloody hell is this Guanine doing down there??



Aha... Well, talk about acrobatic. That base simply jumps four (!) base pairs to form a base triple with the fifth one.

As if RNA wasn't complicated enough already... (-_-)"

Well, I'm curious how the SHAPE picture will come out on this one.

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