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Following my own footsteps (see the "crazy stack" story), I had submitted a couple of designs in this lab in order to put to the test some other data taken from the SCOR database, regarding "fully paired and stacked duplexes". This time, I was testing shorter ones.




The pyrimidines loops came back exactly as expected, well protected.

CU.UU loop.png UU.UC loop.png

Cool, this will add to the arsenal I'm planning to use to tackle switches.


Much more interesting things came out of the other tested sequence.

AC.AC loop 1.png AC.AC loop 2.png

Ain't that totally fascinating?

And perplexing... so, what do you guys think happened here?


Not really obvious, right?

What about this:

AC.AC SHAPE signal.png

Can we now formulate an hypothesis?


Also, as a side-exercise: imagine a triangular piece of wood. This piece of wood is attached by strings to a stable surrounding. One of the strings is connected to one corner of the triangle. Now consider the two following situations: on the edge opposing the corner that is attached,

  1. there is a single string attached in the middle
  2. there are two (or more) strings spread along that edge

What do you think you can say about the mobility in 3D space of the piece of wood?


(to be continued)

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