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Session Video Recordings


Link to Lars Rose's presentation: eteRNAl trials and tribulations

Notes by Rhiju

  • *Notes from the discussions on the second day (what Dr. Das was writing on the whiteboard):
  • Governance
    • small working group?
    • small working group?  
    • unelected volunteers?  
    • working group that collaborates players' ideas?  
    • someone to evaluate players' behavior?  
    • not abusing power?  
    • oligarchy?  
    • recruiting moderators from teachers because of classrooms?  
  • Forums and Chats   
    • how to prevent popularity contests?  
    • report or flag button?          
    • cleaning up everything on forums?           
    • how to gather a bigger community?          
    • New Point system   
    • puzzles, both challenges and player, have same point systems?            
    • give more points for harder puzzles?  
  • Solutions to Eterna proposals:   
    • survey monkey?  
    • dev chat proposals? 
    • email all?  
    • PMs to all?  
  • Meetings:
    • weekly chats?  
    • scientific, devs,....what type of chats?          
    • lab result analysis meetings?          
    • place to put opinions?  
    • Making New Players Aware:           
    • awareness of devs?  
    • badge for scientists or devs? 
    • need an about screen about how things work?  
    • lab analysis meetings?  
    • encouraging enthusiasm in players?  
  • Tiers 
    • levels of knowledge?  
    • getting tutorial points?  
    • expertise and specialization?
    • giving access to different aspects of Eterna like scripts and bots 
    • different talents, different paths to the top?  

 Note: these are the notes I took and might be paraphrased or modified from the original players' ideas.  

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