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NEWS: An initial schedule has been posted

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"RNA in medicine and empowering citizen scientists to invent medicine through Eterna"

Get ready for Eternacon 2016!

What Is Eternacon?

First hosted at Stanford University in 2015, Eternacon is a gathering of Eterna players, scientists, and developers. Originally somewhat of an inside joke among community members, the "Eterna Convention" was taken seriously by tomoedachii and vineetkosaraju, who then were able to put together a plan that would allow for the first Eternacon. In the past, during the conference we've had many different talks by participants about puzzle solving, scientific advancements, the community, and the future of Eterna as a whole, a tour of the lab, open discussion about the current state of eterna and make suggestions to the team, and the chance to get to know fellow Eterna players.


Donate to Eternacon

To make a donation to Eternacon to help pay for administrative costs and player support you can do so at the Stanford donation portal for Eterna. When making the donation specify in the special instructions that the donation is for Eternacon. The link to donate is If you wish to donate using other methods please contact me at


Resources From Past Eternacons

Eternacon 2015

Eternacon 2016

Eternacon 2016 is coming up quick!
Here's the details about what's going on this year:

When: Saturday and Sunday July 16th and 17th, 8am to TBD

Where: Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center, Room LK120

Suggested Donation: Suggested donation of $250 for administrative costs and player support. If you cannot afford to donate money it is ok. This event is not pay for play. -Jennifer

RSVP and General Contact:

Planning Comittee Meetings: Wednesdays at 12:00-1:00 PM PST in Eterna chat, all welcome to participate (see resources for transcripts)


Planned Events:




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