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Welcome to EteRNA University!




Date: [ you are welcome for us join us]





Classes are scheduled according to teacher availability. A popular time is on Wednesdays at 6pm EST, when there is no Dev Chat. 

We always appreciate volunteers who wish to teach a class - if you have something to share, you are welcome to schedule a class any time.

Subject matter does not need to be Eterna related, we all like to have fun here and learn new things. So whatever you have knowledge in, you are welcome to share!

Feel free to PM player LFP6, or post an idea on the discussion page to coordinate teaching a class. 

Thank you!



Curriculum is archived here in the wiki for reference. If additional formatting is required, you may link to a Google doc. 

Authors retain full rights to the curriculum. Inclusion of curriculum in the wiki preserves teaching efforts, and makes classes available to players once the class is complete!


2014.02.5 Script Lesson 1 - On JavaScript in EteRNA, by Jnicol

2014.02.11 New Frontier 4 - About pseudoknots in general, and practical applications in the New Frontier 4 lab, by Nando

2014.02.12 Script Lesson 2 - On Energy Chart part 2, by Jnicol

2014.02.19 EteRNA Wiki - About the EteRNA Wiki server and its possible uses for the EteRNA community, by Nando

2014.02.26 Build a Bot - On how to build easy brute force bots, by Jnicol

2014.03.5 Build a bot 2 - On how to build easy brute force bots, by Jnicol

2014.03.12 Lab scoring using flip method, by Jnicol

2014.03.21 The Lab Process, by Rhiju Das

2014.03.26 Basic Javascript, by Firedrake969

2014.03.28 Thermodynamics for Dummies, by a dummy, by Nando

2014.04.2 Introduction to Mimics, by Brourd

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