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[13:52:22] <ChatBot> ...3
[13:52:23] <ChatBot> ...2
[13:52:23] <ChatBot> ...1
[13:52:24] <ChatBot> KA-BOOOM!!!
[13:52:27] <robotboy3925> I am the machanical leader for that team
[13:52:38] <Astromon> thats awesome robotboy nice job!
[13:52:42] <robotboy3925> thx
[13:55:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> was your 4201
[13:55:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> that was a fast one
[13:56:45] <Astromon> the MS2 is present in two, someone call Hoglahoo!!
[13:56:48] <robotboy3925> no 3925
[13:56:55] <Jennifer-Pearl> thats awsome that you are the mech leader
[13:56:55] <LFP6> Hey robotboy, I'm on FRC too!
[13:57:00] <LFP6> Electronics/Pneumatics lead
[13:57:13] <robotboy3925> cool I am Machanical lead
[13:57:17] <robotboy3925> what team
[13:57:21] <LFP6> 174
[13:57:31] <robotboy3925> name?
[13:57:36] <LFP6> Arctic Warriors
[13:57:45] <robotboy3925> what state
[13:58:15] <LFP6> NY
[13:58:19] <Astromon> cooL name lfp
[13:58:20] <robotboy3925> cool
[13:58:24] <LFP6> We go to FLR
[13:58:32] <LFP6> For our regional
[13:58:34] <Jennifer-Pearl> that is pretty cool
[13:58:41] <robotboy3925> You guys did a rI3d
[13:58:47] <robotboy3925> right?
[13:58:49] <LFP6> ?
[13:58:57] <robotboy3925> robot in 3 days
[13:59:04] <LFP6> No
[13:59:11] <LFP6> Our mentors aren't the type :)
[13:59:30] <robotboy3925> oh it was another team then that has a simmalar name
[13:59:40] <robotboy3925> what can your robot do
[14:00:11] <LFP6> All "driving" defences, low goal, low bar
[14:00:29] <robotboy3925> cool
[14:00:33] <LFP6> We basically did the MCC on the front page of VexPro without realizing it
[14:00:39] <Jennifer-Pearl> like drive a car?
[14:00:49] <robotboy3925> tank drive
[14:00:58] <LFP6> Like using xbox controllers to launch over metal obstacles :)
[14:01:06] <robotboy3925> lol
[14:01:21] <robotboy3925> I will tell you about my robot
[14:02:05] <robotboy3925> we can do every defence. shoot in the high and low goal
[14:02:13] <robotboy3925> and climb
[14:02:42] <LFP6> Yeesh
[14:03:54] <robotboy3925> we went with 8 wheel drive
[14:04:06] <LFP6> 6 here, pneumatic wheels
[14:04:53] <robotboy3925> we are doing pnewmatic wheels too
[14:05:32] <robotboy3925> and we also went with the 3 cim pnewmatic ball shifters for the drive
[14:05:50] <robotboy3925> the ones on vex
[14:06:24] <LFP6> I saw those, but we're only doing the 2-cim KOP train, plus chamfers and a couple other slight adjustments
[14:06:39] <robotboy3925> col
[14:06:41] <robotboy3925> cool
[14:07:01] <robotboy3925> what is your guys max speed
[14:07:04] <LFP6> Got the new motor controllers this year
[14:07:10] <LFP6> SO much smaller and lighter
[14:07:15] <robotboy3925> IKR
[14:07:18] <LFP6> Max speed? I have no idea
[14:07:49] <robotboy3925> ours is around 15 to 20 in high gear
[14:07:53] <robotboy3925> mph
[14:08:14] <LFP6> Our team used to be really well known for our drive train
[14:08:24] <LFP6> Years of engineering going into that crab drive
[14:08:40] <LFP6> But last year we lost some... Important resources, so we had to scale back
[14:08:46] <robotboy3925> you guys did crab drive
[14:08:49] <LFP6> Yup
[14:09:01] <robotboy3925> i think i heard about that
[14:09:04] <LFP6> Was geared
[14:09:13] <LFP6> To the point where it could give REAL kick
[14:09:17] <robotboy3925> our team is in CA by the way
[14:09:22] <LFP6> ah
[14:09:36] <LFP6> What's your regional?
[14:09:44] <robotboy3925> 3925 circut of life
[14:09:59] <robotboy3925> Ventura regional
[14:10:07] <robotboy3925> we host that one
[14:10:08] <LFP6> Ah
[14:10:11] <LFP6> Neat
[14:10:46] <LFP6> Might check it out on TBA when it comes up if I remember
[14:10:58] <robotboy3925> ok
[14:11:03] <robotboy3925> one sec...
[14:12:20] <Jennifer-Pearl> anybody have anything about RNA?
[14:12:43] <Jennifer-Pearl> if not i am enjoying this conversation about robots
[14:13:11] <robotboy3925> do you know the teams cheesy poofs 254 and citrus circuits 1678
[14:13:50] <robotboy3925> lol jen
[14:13:53] <Jennifer-Pearl> I dont really have anything for today. I am drained
[14:14:20] <robotboy3925> same and i have to meet for robotics today
[14:14:49] <LFP6> ditto
[14:14:52] <Jennifer-Pearl> have fun with the robotics I am jealous
[14:15:03] <LFP6> I need to go an hour early for a lead meeting
[14:15:11] <robotboy3925> do you know the teams cheesy poofs 254 and citrus circuits 1678 LFP6
[14:15:21] <robotboy3925> lol
[14:15:26] <LFP6> No
[14:15:26] <robotboy3925> same
[14:15:32] <robotboy3925> ops
[14:15:36] <LFP6> Can't say I've heard of them
[14:15:49] <robotboy3925> they have one world champs
[14:15:56] <Jennifer-Pearl> is everone aware about the new beta testing of EteRNA Medicine
[14:16:06] <robotboy3925> and we have to compete against them
[14:17:47] <Jennifer-Pearl> I do have a couple of things to talk about real
[14:17:56] <Jennifer-Pearl> quick for anyone monitoris
[14:17:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> monitoring
[14:18:03] <LFP6> Go for it if you want
[14:18:07] <robotboy3925> ok
[14:18:29] <Jennifer-Pearl> so just wanted to make everyone aware of teh EteRNA Medince site
[14:18:50] <robotboy3925> k
[14:18:58] <Jennifer-Pearl> Rhiju gave us a link to it last week adn asked that we test it out and see if there is anything we find that needs to be changed
[14:19:06] <Jennifer-Pearl> Here is the link
[14:19:07] <Jennifer-Pearl> http://medicine.eternadev.org/
[14:19:39] <LFP6> Feedback goes in the bottom of this topic: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/new-puzzle-progression
[14:19:53] <Jennifer-Pearl> if anyone has time and want to help you can go to that site and try to progress through adn if you run into anything post a comment in the forum
[14:20:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> here
[14:20:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/new-puzzle-progression
[14:20:51] <Jennifer-Pearl> comment on anything you feel prevents you from getting through or places where you get stuck or feel others can get stuck
[14:21:06] <robotboy3925> ok
[14:22:05] <robotboy3925> LFP6 I will try to take some pictures of our robot to show you
[14:22:06] <Jennifer-Pearl> This is part of the gear up to comming up with a sensor for TB
[14:22:16] <robotboy3925> can you do the same?
[14:22:29] <LFP6> I can screenshow the CAD :)
[14:22:34] <LFP6> *screenshot
[14:22:40] <Jennifer-Pearl> one EteRNA Medicine in live the search for a TB sensor begins!!!!
[14:22:58] <LFP6> The TB sensor stuff will be really cool
[14:23:03] <Jennifer-Pearl> i agree
[14:23:05] <robotboy3925> also what is your team name and number again
[14:23:18] <LFP6> Also excited to see the puzzle progression & site UI revamp
[14:23:32] <LFP6> @rb 174 arctic warriors
[14:23:38] <robotboy3925> thx
[14:23:48] <LFP6> np
[14:24:04] <robotboy3925> i will send pictures of our robot to you to
[14:24:23] <Jennifer-Pearl> LFP6 this chat log is going to get posted. Do you want us to leave out your info?
[14:24:37] <Jennifer-Pearl> and Robotboy
[14:24:38] <robotboy3925> could I send them to your email it would be easyer
[14:24:59] <Astromon> ewhats up
[14:25:08] <Astromon> sry had to do somthing
[14:25:43] <LFP6> @Jen Please. I'd just pull out the site conversation if you can
[14:26:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> i will take out your cenversation abut robots
[14:26:12] <LFP6> @rb Lets talk about this over PM. I'll send you one in a sec
[14:26:35] <LFP6> Thanks Jen
[14:26:38] <Jennifer-Pearl> np
[14:26:54] <Jennifer-Pearl> was going to say something before you posted but di not get a chance
[14:26:58] <robotboy3925> LFP6 can you send my the cad shots please
[14:27:24] <Jennifer-Pearl> @astroI had brought up the eterna medicine site
[14:27:47] <robotboy3925> send them to nolanbuck1218@gmail.com please
[14:27:55] <Astromon> oH cool
[14:28:01] <Jennifer-Pearl> and had requested people check it out and comment
[14:28:05] <Astromon> i have been busy with labs
[14:28:10] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice
[14:28:14] <Astromon> oH okaY
[14:28:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> would you like to give any insite on the 4 state labs
[14:28:33] <Jennifer-Pearl> insight
[14:28:57] <Astromon> I had success with the first two sublabs so far
[14:29:16] <Jennifer-Pearl> if you want to share what you have found works please share
[14:29:56] <Astromon> i went to the fourth state and bonded with both oliogos
[14:30:25] <Astromon> then looked for an open spot to put in the MS2 sequence
[14:31:24] <Astromon> then i go to the state its not suposed to form in and add complemantary bases in to rip apart the present MS2
[14:31:45] <Astromon> all w/o messing up the binded oligos
[14:32:11] <Astromon> then i restamp the ms2 in dif places untill it works
[14:32:35] <Astromon> im trying to do the same in the third sublab as we speak
[14:33:14] <Astromon> wheni say restamp in places its usually in the middle of the ms2 that has broken up
[14:33:38] <Jennifer-Pearl> cool
[14:34:00] <Jennifer-Pearl> you mentioned that before . the restamping method
[14:35:29] <Astromon> yeah sometimes messing with the bonds or blocks rt before the ms2 will make it not present
[14:35:51] <Astromon> im still trying to figure out exacly how that works&lt;
[14:36:19] <Astromon> but usually it works the way i first explained
[14:37:10] <Astromon> does anyone have success with the third sublab that wants to share?
[14:37:47] <Jennifer-Pearl> i have not done any lbas in a while
[14:37:58] <Astromon> i found out BTW that the ms2 stamps different sequences
[14:38:18] <Jennifer-Pearl> ive heard that
[14:38:21] <Astromon> like it will switch an au bse or something
[14:38:42] <Jennifer-Pearl> is that on purpose?
[14:38:48] <Astromon> they need dif swtches or something
[14:38:53] <Astromon> yeaH
[14:39:00] <Astromon> its called the ms2 variant
[14:39:05] <Jennifer-Pearl> ok
[14:39:07] <Astromon> let me get the link
[14:40:54] <Jennifer-Pearl> ok
[14:45:53] <Astromon> http://prntscr.com/9zhx7o
[14:46:47] <Astromon> and here is a link to this page&gt; https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/round-98-ng-switches-lab-discussion?topic-reply-list[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=16440844#reply_16440844
[14:47:14] <Astromon> See the section MS2 domain variation
[14:48:07] <Astromon> So now im stampin gthe same place a few times to see if it will work in a dif variation
[14:48:37] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks astro
[14:48:42] <Astromon> ium trying to find out exacly how many dif variations thier are
[14:49:16] <Astromon> that way i can stamp so many times then move on
[14:50:01] <Jennifer-Pearl> can you explain what you mean by variations?
[14:50:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> I think i missed something
[14:50:33] <Astromon> I would like to hear others ways of "making it work" and invite anyone to chat about it anytime&lt;&gt;
[14:50:49] <robotboy3925> hi
[14:50:59] <Astromon> like the AU will be switched like in the example
[14:51:15] <Astromon> actually different Ms2 sequences
[14:51:25] <Jennifer-Pearl> oh MS2 variant variations?
[14:51:45] <Astromon> it doesnt like the same ole variation
[14:51:51] <Astromon> yup
[14:51:57] <Jennifer-Pearl> intereesting
[14:51:58] <Astromon> Yes
[14:52:27] <Astromon> yeah i have been playing aroun d with it today since i saw elis and brourds explanation of it
[14:52:59] <Jennifer-Pearl> nice thanks for sharing
[14:53:15] <Jennifer-Pearl> some of that stuff gets burried
[14:53:30] <Astromon> brourd says it is explained in the prigonal lab paper
[14:53:49] <Astromon> origonal*
[14:54:06] <Astromon> Id like toi see this paper!
[14:54:08] <Jennifer-Pearl> cool
[14:54:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> me too
[14:54:27] <Astromon> ill ask brourd about it&lt;&lt;
[14:54:58] <Astromon> im getting all this info in the cloud labs page rt after partisapation
[14:55:06] <Astromon> in the comments&lt;&gt;
[14:59:16] <Jennifer-Pearl> cool.
[14:59:56] <Jennifer-Pearl> thanks for the info astro
[15:00:14] <Jennifer-Pearl> this concludes todays devchat

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